Mighty Adventure #14: 2309 Eggert Rd

For more information about our Mighty Adventures, check out our page that talks about the goal behind these trips and how far we’ve gotten.

Like I mentioned in our previous Mighty Adventure, Tom and I managed to visit 2 Mighty Tacos in the same day.  The second location we visited that day was Tonawanda’s Eggert Rd. Mighty that’s practically hidden in the Office Depot plaza.  I’ve eaten at this particular location before, after a late night Laser Tag match, and following trips to Guitar Center with my Dad and Tom.  Since it was our second Mighty Taco meal in one day (really in one hour) we kept our meals light and crossed off some more menu items off our respective “to do” lists.  Here’s how it went…

Visited: 4/5/11

The Food:

For this quick trip I decided to try their Steak Salad (pictured below), the last Salad on my “to do” list and probably my last Mighty Taco salad ever.  Again, I opted for the Blue Cheese dressing since their other options didn’t seem to make sense with a steak salad.  I also added banana peppers as a topping which really helped, they were really fresh and took away from the chewy over cooked steak.  I’ve never hid my feelings about Mighty Taco’s steak, but it was pretty bad on this visit and it took a large pile of peppers and a lot of blue cheese to enjoy it.

Tom ordered the Bean and Cheese Burrito.  Now he normally has an issue with re-fried beans (a texture thing) but he actually really enjoyed this particular burrito, even more then Mighty’s Beef, Bean and Cheese.   Their 100% Whole Wheat Wrap was just as good as their regular wrap, I haven’t tried it myself but with his favorable review I think I’ll give it a shot during our next adventure.

The Service:

For the first time in our 14 adventures, we actually had to wait a significant amount of time after ordering at the counter.  Prior, we’ve never had to wait more then 30 seconds for our orders to come up but with our trip to Eggert Road we actually had to wait a few minutes.  Obviously that’s not terribly long and I’ve had to wait much longer over my 10+ years of eating Mighty Taco, but I was more surprised that we’ve never encountered this before.

The Location:

This particular Mighty is on Eggert Road right off Niagara Falls Boulevard, but it’s hidden inside a large plaza and could be passed by pretty easily.  Since it’s in the middle of a plaza there’s no drive-thru but there is plenty of parking, the plus of being in such a large plaza.  The decor is pretty dated with artwork on the walls that had absolutely no ties to Buffalo.

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