Mighty Adventure #13: 3140 Niagara Falls Blvd

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My brother and I took another long break from our Mighty Adventure so we decided to visit two locations in one day (technically we did it in one hour).  We looked at our remaining menu items and locations and thought we could really do some serious damage to our to do list.  So our first stop was the Amherst location on Niagara Falls Blvd, and we actually choose this location for a specific reason.  We found out that only a handful of Mighty Taco locations serve BBQ Beef year round and this was the last location left on our list that was serving it.  So with Tom still needing to try his first ever BBQ Beef Burrito, we decided a visit was necessary.  Here’s how it went…

Visited: 4/5/11

The Food:

Since Mighty Taco only serves Fish Tacos (pictured below) for a limited time, I had to make sure to get my hands on one before Lent ended.  So going into our trip I knew I’d be ordering myself a Fish Taco and most likely comparing it to Lloyd’s version that I tried weeks before. Like Lloyd’s, Mighty has a fried piece of fish but instead of being panko fried, this tasted closer to a McDonald’s Fish Fillet sandwich except, thankfully, slightly crispy-er.  I decided to get my taco with their tartar sauce (salsa is the other option). There was some tangy-ness to the sauce that made the taco enjoyable but nothing that separated from other fast food joints.  I also ordered a Chicken Fajita burrito and was a little disappointed with the extreme dryness of the chicken.  I’ve had plenty of Chicken Fajita’s in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem.

Fish Taco from Mighty Taco

Tommy ordered himself the BBQ Beef and the 3 Cheese Steak Burrito, this was the first time he had tried either of them.  The 3 Cheese Steak Burrito wasn’t as bad as his previous steak meals but he’d still order the beef (over steak) if he had the choice.  He didn’t think the BBQ Beef was that good though; he thought the BBQ Sauce was a little plain.

The Service:

Our service was pretty good, while I was waiting in line for Tommy to place his order another employee came and cashed me out.  So there was literally no wait for either of us and as we ate employees were walking around cleaning up around us.

The Location:

We’ve begun to realize a pattern in the decor of Mighty Taco restaurants, it really seems that they’ve built these locations in large batches.  This location has the “newer” look with dark wood benches with dark green walls.  Along the walls were various sports pictures of some of Buffalo’s most memorable moments.  This location does have a drive-thru and is in a space all by itself, which is nice for parking.

Mighty Taco on Urbanspoon

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