Mighty Adventure #12: 1039 McKinley Pkwy (Inside NOCO)

We decided to finally tackle the drive-in only location of Mighty Taco, located in the NOCO gas station on McKinley in South Buffalo.  You can technically eat inside the gas station, there is a small “bar” along the left wall where someone could stand and eat some food, but it’s not ideal.  Since this wasn’t a true restaurant experience this Mighty Adventure write up won’t be as long as our previous trips.  Here’s what we thought…

Visited: 3/1/11

The Food:

Since I’m really starting to run out of new menu items to try, I decided to order a regular ole’ Mighty Pack on this trip to Mighty Taco.  For those who haven’t visited in a Mighty Taco, their Mighty Pack is comprised of six “Mighty Taco’s” that can be either soft shell or hard.  I ordered my Mighty Pack (pictured far below) with all six being hard shell with medium sauce with the standard toppings (lettuce, cheese, tomato).  Since I discovered the delicious-ness of hard shell tacos, I haven’t stopped ordering them.  However after almost over dosing on beef tacos after eating this meal, I might have to take a break.  The only real complaint I have was the cheese was sticking out of the shell and because of that it wasn’t really melted and almost cold.  Tom only ordered the Jalapeno Poppers which looked much better then mine but still weren’t that great.  Overly breaded, they contained a low quality cheese and were just overall “blah”.

The Service:

There really isn’t a way to judge the service, you can order inside at their counter  (which we did) and just wait nearby.  We stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon when it was dead inside so we didn’t have to wait too long.  I was also watching how quickly their drive thru line was moving and it seemed like they were cranking out the orders.

The Location:

Again, this particular “Adventure” was different then most.  The gas station itself appears to be pretty new and they have a large cooler of any type of soda/beer/energy drink that you could imagine.  It’s not exactly the kind of place where you can hang out and eat.  Even if you wanted to go to the drive thru and eat in the parking lot, there isn’t a lot of spots to park.  They only have a couple spots and my guess is they will go to employees, so this is a situation where you’ll be bringing this food back to your house.

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