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If you haven’t heard, Lloyd Taco Truck serve some insanely delicious tacos.  We are not talking about Mighty Taco level of quality, these tacos have meats like braised beef, cilantro chicken and tomatillo pork.  Not to mention these tacos and burritos are topped with cabbage (instead of lettuce), chimichurri sour cream and their own homemade queso on corn tortillas.

Peter Cimino (manager) and Chris Dorsaneo (the chef) decided that Buffalo’s food scene was missing something very important, Food Trucks.  They are a growing trend in the United States, even getting so popular that a reality TV show on the Food Network aired last year.  So they went out and got themselves a food truck from Texas.  Alli and I are frequent customers and even go out of our way on snowy cold nights to find them in order to get our fix.

They have quickly become one of our favorite places to eat and we can’t wait for warmer weather so we can enjoy it without having to find shelter from the snow. We got a hold of Pete and Chris to talk about their favorite places to eat, what they loved to eat in their childhood and how they came up with the recipes for Lloyd.  See what they had to say….

Where are some of your favorite places to eat in Buffalo?


  1. Fuji Grill – very consistent, high-quality product, with fine attention to presentation and a welcoming staff who provide great service. Only drawback is it’s not in the City. (Best roll: The Pink Lady)
  2. 99 Pho – kind of a dive type place but its fresh and fantastic, perfect for winter blues. (Best pho: Raw beef and tendon)
  3. Bistro Europa– always something new to try on the menu and I love that there is only a few tables. Makes you feel a little bit more connected to the guy in the kitchen. (Best dish: Duck and sausage cassoulet)


  1. Fuji Grill – Always end up spending a ton of money and don’t care.  Food is delicious and presentation is beautiful.
  2. Uncle Johns #1 – Great authentic flavorful food, good prices, pleasant staff.
  3. Koreana – Best Kimchi stew in Buffalo, unique quirky atmosphere.
  4. Grovers Bar and Grill – Best burgers in Buffalo, worth the wait!!

Where do you like to grab a drink on the weekends/after work?

Pete: Allen- Hardware, Elmwood- Toro or Coles, Downtown- Encore

Chris: Usually at a friend’s house, low key setting, after work occasionally…sipping on some Belgian beers.

If you had a friend or family member visiting from out of town, Where you would take them for a good time?

Pete: Lots of variables here but I’d say walk/shop Elmwood, late lunch of BBQ wings at La Nova’s, then an Olmsted tour and a pit stop at the Guaranty Building, followed by some pre-gaming at Pearl Street, then to HSBC to see the Sabres.

Chris: Fiama Steakhouse – Exceptional food and service, Pearl Street Bar and Grill – Great Micro Brews, very warm welcoming setting, great local bands, for entertainment – Sabres/Bills Game – get to know what real Buffalonians are like.

What are some food memories you have from your childhood?

Pete: Family cooking, cooking and more family cooking. As a kid we really didn’t go out to eat much because of my father, an Italian immigrant and a stubborn Calabrese. “Food” to him, having grown up on a farm, is not what some of us would call food. He is very particular about what he eats. A trait which he has kindly passed on to me! (I have recently turned him on to Taste of Thai, so he is making progress.) To boot, his brother was a chef in Switzerland until his recent retirement. But anyway, we still do pasta on Sundays and I always look forward to it.

Chris: Cooking Holiday meals with my Mom and Grandma; cuccidatis, pizzelles, different breads, pizzas, ravioli.  I remember eating tripe in red sauce with my grandpa at Touch of Italy in Tonawanda, and really loving it! I must have been 4 or 5 years old.

What do you wish Buffalo had more of, food wise?


  1. Obvious answer here is more street food (I want to see stands, carts, trucks, etc. EVERYWHERE!) Hint, hint to the City)
  2. More authentic Korean joints (I also frequent Koreana!)
  3. A decent Middle Eastern eatery that can stay open and offer good fare


  1. Artisan Cured Meat deli would be a great addition to the Buffalo food seen
  2. More street food and food trucks!!! Possibilities are endless

Bonus Questions: What inspired you guys to start Lloyd and how did you come up with the recipes?

Pete and Chris: Most importantly, we believe that Buffalo needs to have access to the street food scene that is so readily available in other urban areas across the country. The street food experience is part of what makes great cities great. Not to mention, the business model of a food truck venture is a very attractive opportunity within an “overhead” heavy restaurant industry.

In regard to the recipes, although we experimented with many different flavors they were ultimately developed from classic Mexican cuisine. The thing that makes our food “pop,” is that we put a little culinary flare into the finishing of the product by pairing flavors that would not necessarily be coupled with traditional tacos eg. chimichurri vinaigrette and a multi-layered salsa roja.


We’d like to thank Pete and Chris to take time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions.  We are huge fans of their tacos and can’t recommend them enough!  If you want to find out where they will be parked and slinging tacos, follow them on twitter or on facebook.  Also keep an eye out for their new menu item Fish Tacos, that should be appearing this spring at the truck.

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  • March 5, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Great tips for eats as well as touring highlights–I’m with you on Bistro Europa, Coles, Olmsted tour, Guaranty Bldg. Can’t wait for my next Buffalo trip! Always something great to see–and eat.


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