Mighty Adventure #11: 5495 Sheridan Drive

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I don’t spend a lot of time in Williamsville so I had no idea where this Mighty Taco was, but when we pulled up I recognized the area.  Located right next door to Black & Blue Steak and Crab on Sheridan Drive, we walked into a nearly empty Mighty Taco.  Now Tom and I have taken about a month long break from doing a Mighty Adventure.  Partly because of having busy schedules and part because we’ve bailed on plans and decided to eat Lloyd’s Tacos instead (lets be honest, there’s no comparison).  But we found some time to get together and cross another location off the list, here’s how our meal at the Williamsville location went…

Visited: 2/19/11

The Food:

So we have finally gotten to the point where I have only steak options left on my to do list and I’m not really excited about it.  I’ve never enjoyed Mighty Taco’s steak, in the past I’ve normally thought that it always was really chewy and had a bland taste.  But I promised to eat everything on the menu at least once, so there I was standing in line and ordering a Steak Roastito.  I’ve tried the Chicken Roastito but it was a few months ago and I didn’t remember much, aside from the peppers and onions.  Surprisingly, I actually have zero complaints about the steak itself as it actually was really juicy and tender.  Unfortunately, the wrap itself was pretty sub-par, it appears they left it in the warmer for too long because the wrap was steaming hot and seemed like it had been vacuum sealed.  It was almost gooey and lost that fluffy bite that I’ve enjoyed at other locations with other burritos.  I also ordered the Chips and Cheese, something I’ve probably eaten 100 times.  I am very grateful that they’ve switched back to the strips, I was never a fan of the Toastito mini circular shaped chips.  I’m not sure if it’s all in my head but these chips have more of a ‘corn’ taste to them and the cheese was delicious, as always.

I didn’t take a picture of it but Tommy ordered a Nacho Buffito, his first ever.  He had the same issue with his shell, it was gooey, over warmed and disappointing.  The inside was pleasant, however.  He enjoyed the chicken, nacho cheese and blue cheese combination.  It definitely was messy though, after a couple bites he was dripping all over the place.  I did snag a picture of the first Mighty Taco cookie (pictured below) to make an Adventure appearance.  Tom’s reaction to eating the cookie was that it just tasted bad, very stale and his exact quote was “it tasted like a Top’s bakery cookie”.  I’ll be trying out one for myself in the next adventure or two.



The service was pretty standard, aside from poor shell warming/preparing the interior was very clean and we were served right away.

The Location:

It’s hard to gauge how new the location is, but they do have a drive through that’s not really convenient with the parking lot.  Regardless of how you enter the plaza you have to drive around the restaurant, if it’s a slow time of day it won’t be an issue but during the crazy hours I could see it being a hassle.  It can get very crammed in there on the weekends, especially during dinner time as Black and Blue and Jo Jo Bistro (both located next door) can get very busy during that time and I’m sure that’s an issue for parking.  The actual design inside was kind of disappointing, they didn’t have anything on the walls aside from some company posters.  Normally you’ll see something Buffalo related on the wall but not here, also the placement of the booths were pretty tight.  The dinning room is a little smaller then normal but they way that have it set up it seems like it would be tight if that place was at full capacity.

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