Buffalo Soup-Fest 2011


Last week I got an email from Buffalo.com asking if I’d like to participate in a video covering the Buffalo Soup-Fest, obviously I was thrilled to be considered and said yes right away.  Then I got a call back with the word that the organizers of the Soup-Fest needed another celebrity judge for their Chicken Wing Soup contest and asked if I would like to help.  Again, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  The judging was really cool and slightly intimidating and having SJ follow me with a camera and film me eating soup was interesting but enjoyable (she did a fantastic job with the video above).

If you didn’t attend this year, you really missed out on a great time.  I actually went to this event not being a huge soup fan, to be honest I barely eat soup on a regular basis.  I walked away form this event writing down new restaurants that I need to visit in 2011 and trying out soups that actually wowed me.  If you want to read about three restaurants that really stood out and more of my thoughts of the event, check out my article on Buffalo.com.

Check out two other videos below from other outlets that covered the event.

Here’s another video featuring more footage of the event:


The full menu that was available is shown in this video below:


Again, thanks again to SJ & Buffalo.com and Keith and Matt for asking me to judge.

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