Mighty Adventure #10: 1435 French Road

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I don’t have a lot of experience with eating in Depew in general, and I think I’ve been to this Mighty Taco maybe twice in my whole life.  But this visit was pretty exciting as we decided to cross off the last ‘south-towns’ location off our list (it’s all north-towns from here on out) and we hit double digits with our 10th adventure.  Unfortunately, that means we have to start driving further to visit our remaining locations. I’m not too thrilled about that as the weather continues to get worse.  Starting with this adventure we also decided to change our menu “To Do List”, we are now adding a couple sides (chips, bean dip, etc) and their cookies.

Anyways, here’s how our visit to Depew’s Mighty Taco turned out…

Visited: 1/23/11

The Food:

Like I said, we are going to try out all 3 different chip orders and in this trip Tom and myself split an order of Chips with Guacamole (pictured below).  While in the past I have not been the biggest guacamole fan, I’m slowly starting to be won over.  Even before I had a bite I had a pretty low expectations but we were both shocked by how good it was.  The texture was really creamy with the occasional piece of tomatoes mixed in.  No, it’s not going to rival any Mexican restaurant in the area (word is Sole’ has the best in Buffalo) but if you want to try something new (and slightly healthier) then I suggest you check it out.  I also ordered a hard shell Mighty, I think I am officially hooked.  It was just as delicious as my order from adventure #9.  I also ordered the Buffito (pictured far below) for my first time and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  I haven’t been a big proponent of their blue cheese in the past, but in this was surprisingly delicious with alarge amount of hot sauce on the “buffalo chicken” and the usual lettuce and tomato.  It definitely might be creeping into my “new favorite menu items” as I really liked it (or atleast how they prepared it).

Along with splitting the order of Chips and Guacamole, Tom ordered himself the Taco Beef Salad and got a side of Nacho Cheese to use as the dressing (both times it’s been hilarious to watch the cashier’s reaction).  His dream would be the option of having a red sauce type of dressing or perhaps attempting to order a side of salsa as the dressing.  I guess we are both curious of what people normally get for a dressing with the Taco Beef Salad/Buffalo Chicken Salad/Steak Salad.


The service was alright, my cashier seemed to be annoyed with me.  Yes, sometimes Tom and myself can take an extra 15-30 seconds trying to order something because we are trying to remember what is left for our “to do” but it wasn’t like I was holding up a line.  But the girl seemed mad and that was a little off putting.  As far as the usual maintenance, considering the Depew location has such a large dining area I was impressed with how clean it was.


The location wasn’t anything too fancy, the drive-thru is nicely located with it running along the back of the restaurant (so the parking lot isn’t in the way) and the dinning area was huge.  There was easily 20+ booths for people to sit inside and enjoy their meals.  There was a bar but with no bar stools, not exactly sure if they were cleaning or what.  Also instead of the normal Buffalo centric pictures/paitings on the walls they had a Native American theme.  Again, not sure the reasoning for that choice (I could be missing something obvious) but that was pretty unique as well.

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  • January 31, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Nothing like Mighty Taco! So much better than taco bell.


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