Mighty Adventure #9: 2884 Ridge Road

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This makes it back to back weeks with a new Mighty Adventure and this week we stay in the southtowns and visit West Seneca’s Mighty Taco located on Ridge Road.  I can’t say that I have had a lot of experience ordering from here but I do remember the day I saw them tearing down the Burger King that sat there and being excited for another new Mighty location.  Once they put up the fancy LED sign up front I thought it was the coolest Mighty location I had ever seen (clearly that was before I was seasoned Mighty veteran I am).

I had heard some negative things from my friends about poor service and to expect one of the worst trips we’d have, so I went into this adventure with a critical eye.  Here’s how it went….

Visited: 1/15/11

The Food:

So since I had specifically heard horrible things about the food I was really keeping an eye out for anything noticeable.  Truth be told, my food was pretty good. I decided to cross another salad off the list (1 more to go!) and tried their Fajita Chicken Salad (pictured directly below) with some Blue Cheese dressing.  So far it might be the best salad that I’ve tried.  They loaded this salad up with chicken.  Normally, I do the “each bite of salad has at least one piece of chicken” thing, but I found myself with a container of chicken left over at the end of the salad.  Also the chicken was very warm and I enjoyed the contrast of the warm chicken with cooler salad/dressing.  By far this is the best menu item for the “girlfriend who’s extremely conscious of their weight” type of person as you can get much healthier dressings then blue cheese and the chicken is very lean.  I also tried (for my first time I believe) a Mighty Taco with a hard shell (pictured bottom).  I know this sounds like an exaggeration but I might have found one of my new favorite menu items, for some reason they were delicious.  The sauce level and the crunch of the shell of the taco was all amazing together.  Since our visit I have been craving another one, it was really that good.

Tom ordered himself the mighty El Nino, which has some how yet to appear in any of our previous Mighty Adventures.  For some reason when I saw it sitting in front of him I was unimpressed.  In high school I remember eating two of those in a single lunch and thinking I had conquered some mammoth feat but this thing looked small now.  He destroyed it within seconds but afterward he claimed that it definitely wasn’t one of the best he’s ever had.  Something about the taste of the beef (all 1/2 lbs of it) wasn’t right.


Our service was pretty standard and the interior was pretty well kept and very clean.  When I was waiting for my food a customer came up to the counter to report their order had been messed up, but I had no issues with how mine was.  They clearly had just hired someone new for the “line” because I was watching him take a very long time to prepare my order.  But I can forgive that, otherwise it was a pretty average visit.


The location still looks pretty new on the inside and out, even thought it’s 5+ years old at least.  There is a good amount (kind of pictured above) of seating outdoors which would be nice in the summer time.  They have a drive thru with a really long driveway leading to it.  It’s maybe the best drive thru, besides the new Walden location, that we’ve seen as it doesn’t really interfere with the rest of the parking lot and it looked like they were moving through orders quickly.  The location is in a pretty good area, close by to Tops and Wegmans so you can stop after doing some grocery shopping and not too far from the South Gate Plaza.  The street is really busy but nothing impossible, the design inside reminded me of the Amherst/Transit location that we visited.  Lots of Buffalo themed posters on the wall.

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  • January 20, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Mighty hard shells are the shit


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