Mighty Adventure #8: 5999 South Park Ave

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We took some time off between our 7th and 8th Mighty Adventure, 54 days to be exact.  Wedding plans and the holiday season definitely took up a big chunk of that time.  But one of my gifts from my Mom was a $25 Mighty Taco gift card and that guy was burning a hole in my pocket.  So last weekened Tom and I decided to drive a couple miles south from our house and visit Hamburg’s Mighty Taco.

I’ve had a couple meals at this Mighty long before our Mighty Adventures; back when I lived in Orchard Park I would make a trip to the Record Theatre and finish the trip with a Chicken Fajita.  Sadly, that Record Theatre has closed down and now that I live in the city, I don’t find myself in the Hamburg area that often.  So I was kind of looking forward to this trip, here’s how it went….

Visited: 1/8/11

The Food:

My menu list is quickly depleting, with 10 meals to go I only have 10 menu items left that I hadn’t tried.  Someone who could plan this kind of thing out, you think I’d only eat one new item per meal.  However, I didn’t do that and I went for 3 new menu items in this meal.  I noticed that I had some salads left to ‘cross off’, so I decided to try out their Taco Beef Salad (pictured above).  When I ordered it I immediately realized I had a dilemma about what the hell to put on top of it (more on that later), but I decided to go with blue cheese.  It was alright actually, I thought the beef/blue cheese combination would have been weird at first but it worked out pretty well.  They put a good amount of beef on the salad, so I can’t really complain.  I also ordered my first ever Beef and Cheese Burrito which was exactly what I thought it would be.  Packed with an insane amount of beef and not much cheese, I probably won’t be ordering it again.  I wish it had something else like tomato, lettuce, and refried beans to add to the beef.  On it’s own it really doesn’t work for me.  Finally I ended the meal with an Apple Empanada, which came out still very warm with a flaky crunchy exterior.  If choosing between the apple and cherry flavors, I’ve usually gone cherry and after trying the apple again I’m sticking with it.

Tom ordered the Fajita Chicken Salad (pictured far below).  He has a similiar issue of several salads remaining on his “to do list” and needed to start crossing those off.  His delimma wasn’t as bad as mine, chicken wouldn’t be a problem with most of their salad dressing options (raspberry vinaigrette, ranch, italian, blue cheese) but he didn’t really want any of those.  So what did he do? He ordered a side of nacho cheese and poured that all over the salad instead.  He said he enjoyed it but he brought up the idea that they should have some type of salsa/hot sauce-ish dressing.  I’m sure you could special request it but I think they should have some type of option already available.  Especially for a Taco/Buffalo Chicken salad, it just makes sense.  Or maybe another cheese option but something that’s not as thick as Nacho Cheese, maybe something closer to a cheese sauce.  Luckily, I’m not really a big salad person, so this really won’t effect me in the future.


We actually had great service at Hamburg; not only were the cashiers really fast and effecient (and made sure to ask us about every option with every meal) the manager was walking around asking the customers how their meals were.  We’ve never seen that before in our previous 7 Mighty Taco visits.  Along with that, employees were constantly going around and making sure all of the garbage had been thrown away and the booths were all clean.


The location itself is in a plaza that isn’t exactly “booming” but has a Big Lots and Aldi’s, so it’s not exactly empty.  If you find yourself at the Erie County Fair in the summer, it’s a good stop for food.  Otherwise I’m not sure why you’d be in the area aside from living in Hamburg.  They do have a drive thru which definitely gives the place a couple extra points.  As far as interior design, the layout reminded Tom and I of the Orchard Park location.  They have some painting/framed pictures all over the place but most of them seem pretty outdated.  On top of that, they do have two tables in the front of the entrance where you can sit and eat during the summer.

Note: Since we had our last adventure, Mighty Taco has opened their 18th restaurant with a new location on Grand Island.  It has been added to the list.

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