The Mighty Adventure #7: 6930 Transit Rd

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To learn more about our Mighty Adventures, check out our page which describes our goal for 2010 and which locations we’ve already visited.

Our 7th Mighty Adventure took my brother Tom and I to the Williamsville location, not too far from Main Street and ECC’s North Campus.  Tom definitely had a lot of experience eating at this location and had swore that it was one of the best in Buffalo.  He would talk about how they operated like a machine inside, with various awards hanging on the walls.  So we decided to take a drive to Williamsville to cross another location off the list, here’s how it went:

Visited: 11/16/10

The Food:

I won’t sugar coat it, I’m dreading the idea of eating most of my remaining menu items.  I’m not a fan of their steak at all; every time I’ve tried it the steak was chewy and flavorless.  But for this trip I tried the 3 Cheese Steak Burrito and the Chicken Roastito.  The 3 Cheese Steak (pictured below) was just OK, luckily the massive amount of cheese and the crunchy tortilla chips made up for blah steak taste.  But in comparison to the 3 Cheese Beef I had, I was nothing close.  My brother tried the Chicken Roastito at our first Mighty Adventure and he said he really liked it.  It wasn’t as nice as I remembered his being as they didn’t put a lot of salsa on the chicken and it was a little dry.

Tom ordered a Vegetarian, the Beef, Bean and Cheese Burrito and an Apple Empanada.  The Vegetarian is pretty boring.  There’s nothing really exciting about a burrito with just lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream.  Tom isn’t a big fan of re-fried beans so he didn’t really appreciate his burrito.  His Apple Empanada was lava hot and basically burned the hell out of his mouth, so unlike the crunchy and cold cherry one’s we ate previously, this was the exact opposite scenario.


Our service was pretty decent.  While the ordering and food preparation wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, they were quick and efficient.  All of the tables were pretty clean, so nothing to complain about there.  The cashier went out of her way to ask about every option with our orders, which I’ve appreciated with our various trips.


The location had familiar Mighty traits like several Buffalo themed pictures/posters posted on the walls.  Windows covered 3 out of 4 walls, so it was nice sitting at a booth and watching the cars drive by outside.  This location is on a very busy road, so coming in and out is a pain for sure.  But that’s more Transit’s fault and not really Mighty Taco, but it should be noted.  They do have a drive-thru but with a small parking lot, I could see it being a pain during their peak hours.

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