The Mighty Adventure #6: 123 Grey Street

If you are wondering what Mighty Adventures are, check out this page.  It explains what my brother Tom and I are trying to accomplish.

Our 6th Mighty Taco visit brings us to the southtowns as we visit one of the newer Mighty’s in Western New York, their East Aurora location on Grey Street (located in the Tops plaza).  I don’t have much experience with this location.  It opened a couple years ago and even though it’s closer to my old house than the Orchard Park location, I seemed to make it there on a regular basis.  It did become a mini-tradition to make a Mighty stop on our way back from Warped Tour at Darien Lake but it had been about 2 years since I last visited the East Aurora location and I had forgotten what the interior looked like.  Here’s how our trip went:

Visited: 11/4/10

The Food:

For this trip I decided to try out their Nacho’s Deluxe and the 3 Cheese Beef Burrito.  I’ve had their Nacho’s Deluxe (pictured above) before but this time I went with their default order and tried the ground beef instead of my usual chicken.  Tommy ordered the Nacho’s Deluxe at our Niagara St visit but they didn’t offer lettuce or tomato with his order, so when my cashier offered it to me I told them to pile it on.  I have to say, this might be one of my go to orders from now on.  When they put together my order they spread out the meat, nacho cheese, and sour cream all over.  Every bite I had (with a fork because it’s a mess if you try to use your hands) was delicious. The 3 Cheese Beef Burrito is one of Tommy’s favorite menu items.  Even though it was basically the exact same thing as my Nacho’s Deluxe (just in burrito form) I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much.  Like the Nacho’s they had put together my burrito very well, but in burrito form I didn’t like it as much.  Also the amount of nacho chips are almost non existent; I’d prefer to have more of a crunch when I took a bite.

Tommy ordered himself the Buffalo Chicken Salad.  He wasn’t that impressed with the salad and commented that their blue cheese dressing just has an odd taste (not your traditional Buffalo blue cheese).  We both still have 3 salads each to try, but I have a feeling we will end this adventure thinking Mighty could probably do without the salads.

The Service:

Our trip to East Aurora was one of our better service experiences.  Not only was everything served fast and our orders were assembled nicely, but the cashiers made sure to ask about any options and extras that were available for us to add.  This is the only location where I’ve been asked if I wanted to try their wheat wraps and Tommy was shocked when he learned you could get lettuce and tomato with your Nacho’s Deluxe.  The location itself was very clean; we walked in and saw two employees cleaning off all tables.

The Location:

As of right now, after 6 ‘adventures’ I would have to say that this location has my favorite interior design.  The first thing I noticed was their lighting was really different than other Mighty locations; much darker with unique lighting fixtures above each booth (see above picture).  Posted all over their walls were illustrations and pictures that were specifically about East Aurora’s history and even used that signature East Aurora “font”. We’ve seen Buffalo themed posters and images at other locations but never a Mighty location with a narrow “town specific” theme.  I think this is the first Mighty Taco that we’ve visited that really has a unique theme and actually went out of its way to fit in to the town they were located in.  This location is only the 2nd Mighty Taco we’ve visited that had a fancy LCD TV, the first being the Walden location.  Since this location is built into a plaza it doesn’t have a drive-thru but that’s really the only negative I can say about this place.

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