The Mighty Adventure #5: 1762 Sheridan Dr

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Even after our poor experience the week before, we went back to Tonawanda (this time not the City) for another Mighty Adventure.  Mighty Taco actually has 2 locations on Sheridan (Transit has the record for 3, although one is technically S. Transit) this one being close to the Delaware Ave. intersection.  I’ve only visited this location once, after a long night of Laser Tron, and in that exhausted state I barely remember the meal.  So I walked in with almost no expectations.

After noticing their unique Applebees/foyer-like entrance I also noticed they have recently won an award for Best Store in 2010.  That made me wonder if our food would taste even better then our other trips.  So we paid extra close attention to our time there, here is how it went….

Visited: 10/21/10

The Food:

For this trip I ordered 2 new items off the menu, first was their Bean and Cheese Burrito (pictured above).  I actually really liked it; it has nothing too crazy when it comes to ingredients.  The basic lettuce, tomato, refried beans, choice of sauce and a generous amount of cheese.  Normally I don’t taste the cheese that much in a normal burrito but it really stuck out with their burrito.  The other item that I ordered was their BBQ Beef Burrito (pictured below).  It’s not on their website, at least I can’t find it, but you’ll notice posters hanging up.

I had no expectations for their BBQ Beef, in fact I had no idea what kind of beef they used.  I simply assumed it was their ground beef mixed with BBQ sauce and I wasn’t too excited.  I was wrong, the beef was more of a pulled beef that definitely worked with the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.  The BBQ sauce wasn’t anything amazing, but it definitely exceeded my expectations of what it would taste like.

Tom ordered the Beef and Cheese but felt it didn’t compare with the Super Mighty.  He enjoyed the Burrito De-Lite and thought the salsa was a good compliment to the re-fried beans, but thought they put way too much in his burrito.

The Service:

I paid attention to how quickly they served our food and looked around the location for any noticeable messes.  When we first walked in I saw staff members cleaning up the tables, all the booths looked clean.  My food came up pretty fast as I watched their staff work as an organized unit, honestly, there was no messing around.  We had no issues with cold food or hair in our food.  In fact, I think my food was prepared fantastically.  Everything was hot and well put together, nothing was falling apart.

The Location:

Like I mentioned previously, the entrance was definitely unique.  For those of you who plan on using the drive thru, I could see it being a potential issue when it’s busy at night or on the weekends.  The drive thru is very short and if there is a long line it would easily spill into the parking lot.  When we went during dinner time it wasn’t an issue but I could see it happening.  Otherwise the location was nice, like the Orchard Park location it was filled with posters of various Buffalo images (which I really enjoy).  I can’t say that our time here was far better then anything we’ve had so far, but this Sheridan Dr location was a very solid meal.

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