The Mighty Adventure #4: 92 Niagara St

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I really don’t have much experience in the City of Tonawanda but when Tom came over to my house this weekend we tried to figure out a Mighty Taco that neither of us had previously eaten at.  So we decided on the Mighty Taco off Niagara Street.  Everything Tom and I ordered was a first for us.  Before this trip we had 3 really good experiences while eating at Mighty Taco but as you’ll read below this trip was quite the bummer.  Here’s how it went:

Visited: 10/17/10

The Food:

For this trip I ordered 3 menu items that I’ve never had before, I ordered the Jalapeno Poppers (pictured above), a Vegetarian Burrito (not pictured, but you can guess what it looks like) and the Nacho Buffito (pictured below).  I have to say that the Jalapeno Poppers were just not good at all.  When I ordered them I watched the workers grab a bag from the same shelf where they have bags of chips.  So,obviously these aren’t freshly cooked and I could tell as soon as I bit into one.  The cheese inside wasn’t goo-ey at all and they were so so un-fresh and luke-warm that they were almost too hard to eat.  They were really disappointing and hopefully when Tom orders them at one of the next 13 locations, we will have a fresher order.  The Vegetarian Burrito wasn’t that bad, combined with some mild sauce and sour cream it’s actually pretty tasty.  Sure, it’s not better then a burrito with meat but for those who give up meat during lent (or any vegetarians out there), it’s actually a really good substitute.  They really load it with lettuce, tomato and cheese and the wrap itself tastes good enough on its own.

The Nacho Buffito was interesting.  I have to first admit that I don’t enjoy the blue cheese that Mighty Taco uses, at all (its not your typical buffalo style blue cheese).  I think the combination of blue cheese and nacho cheese would be better if the blue cheese wasn’t so strong.  The two flavors really didn’t work for me, however, I love the idea of tortilla chips in a burrito.  That extra crunch really worked, it was kind of like getting a nacho’s deluxe in a burrito.

Tom ordered two items, the Nacho Deluxe (with beef) and Buffito.  His Nacho Deluxe had one glaring issue (read below) but his main complaint was the meat, salsa, cheese was all on one side of the order.  Instead of being placed on top of the tortilla chips, he had to actually use the chips to dip into this big pile off to the side.

The Service:

The service was pretty good, they had cashiers waiting when we got there and our food didn’t take too long to be served.  However, we did have our first occurrence of a hair in our food which is always really disheartening.  In Tom’s Nachos Deluxe he found a pretty long hair, gross.  Not sure if the Jalapeno Popper issue is something that is just a problem at this Mighty or at each location, so that is TBD.  Otherwise the tables were all cleaned off and the newspaper pile was neatly organized.

The Location:

The interior of the location reminds me of our Orchard Park visit with signature wooden booths and various posters showcasing Buffalo.  In terms of “Buffalo pride” being showcased, I think this location had the greatest amount and largest posters compared to the other 3 locations we’ve seen.  This is one of those plaza locations, also like the OP restaurant, that doesn’t have a drive-thru.  It’s a bummer but for how it is set up, it’s physically impossible to have one. Additionally, being in this plaza, it’s definitely possible to drive by and not notice their sign.  The surrounding area is a quiet/calm area and getting in and out of the location seems very easy.

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