The Mighty Adventure #2: 3340 Southwestern Blvd

There’s no other Mighty Taco on our list that I’ve spent more time at then the Orchard Park location.  I grew up in Orchard Park and attended OPHS, so for our open campus periods we would regularly eat at Mighty Taco.  I’d say I safely averaged 3 Mighty Taco visits a week during my senior year.  We’d actually arrive so early that we’d have to wait in the car for them to unlock the front door (years later they would extend their hours to 10 am).  So I have an emotional attachment to this particular location, I even worked less then a mile down the street for 8 years.  So yes, I’ve eaten there a lot.

Originally we planned on leaving this location for last but due to time constraints we had to change our plans.  I met my brother Tom for lunch on a Saturday, here’s how it went.

Visited: 9/25/10

The Food:

This time around I tried a couple menu items that I’ve never had before and one item that I had no idea existed.  I had no idea when Mighty Taco added salads but I tried out their Buffalo Chicken Salad (pictured below) this time around. It was insanely spicy (at least for me) as the chicken was coated in hot sauce and there was an abundant amount of banana peppers.  You have a choice of several different salad dressings but I actually ate most of the salad without anything additional, there was so much sauce on the Chicken that it actually served as a dressing.  The salad itself was fairly standard and was basically a pre-made salad with some red cabbage, carrot strips, and chopped lettuce.  They put a really nice amount of tomatoes and did not skimp on the chicken.   I would have liked some olives but I really can’t complain; for a $3.50 it’s a solid lunch.

The other menu item I tried was the Banderito Burrito which, truth by told, I just ordered based on the name alone.  I didn’t actually read the description or know what I was ordering.  This burrito isn’t for the weak; it’s steak, chicken, a generous amount of blue cheese, hot sauce and lettuce.  The actual size really isn’t bigger then any of the other burritos on the menu but I felt stuffed 3/4 of the way through.  Again, this thing was really spicy but I don’t believe they asked what ‘temperature’ I wanted.   So my only recommendation would be to have the option of getting a mild, for the wimps like myself.

Tom also ordered the Banderito, and while he wasn’t a big fan of their steak (I wasn’t blown away myself), he thought that their use of blue cheese kind of overpowered both meats so the quality of beef wasn’t really an problem.


I’m happy to say we had absolutely no issues with our service.  In fact we were served very quickly during a very busy time of their day, around 12:30 for a Saturday lunch.  When the line would increase they would add  someone to a register to make sure that all 3 were being used.  In addition they had their workers constantly going around and cleaning off all the tables, I didn’t see one with anything on it.

The Location:

The biggest problem is there is no drive thru.  This Mighty Taco takes up the middle unit of this plaza so it’s technically impossible for them to have a drive thru.  It’s a short drive from the 219 which is a bonus and convenient for travelers.  The location itself has a moderate amount of seating, not as much the Delaware location but about 12 tables and even a bar with 5+ stools (which is popular with the kids).  The interior is decorated much more interestingly than the Delaware location.   Posters of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres are on the walls and there is even an old map of the city and scenic posters of current day Buffalo.  Lot’s of Buffalo pride. They also have 2 tables outside for dinning.

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  • September 28, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    As an OPHS grad, I can relate to how many times I frequented this Mighty Taco location during high school. I used to get the nachos deluxe almost every day after school… Needless to say, it was an extremely depressing day for me when I found out how many calories were in it.


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