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We are pretty excited at Buffalo to have another DJ from Buffalo’s popular radio state Kiss 98.5 be featured as a Buffalo Foodie.  Today we welcome Kev Diddy as our latest Foodie.   He can be heard on Saturday’s from 2 to 6 and then follows that up by DJing at PURE Nightclub every Saturday as their resident DJ.  Kev also works for Kiss 98.5’s marketing and sales department and runs his own Social Media Blog Social Yeah.

Point is the guy is a busy man and luckily previous Foodie Tony (from City Love) helped us get in touch with Kev.  Here’s what he had to say about his favorite places to grab a bite in Buffalo…..

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Buffalo?

Kev Diddy: When I’m Downtown.. Chris’ NY Sandwich for lunch.  I love the “city” vibe & the sandwiches are enormous!  Date nights.. Solé or Fiamma.  I was never a fan of guacamole until I tried it at Solé and now I’m hooked!  There is also a certain “fun factor” when they prepare it fresh right at your table (they should sell those molcajata bowls they prepare it in, they rule).  Fiamma is perfect for wining and dining, especially with that wine cellar (how cool is that?) and it isn’t uber-expensive like most steak places.   Also, I have to mention Wegmans Market Café since it’s basically a restaurant now with all the chefs they bring out during lunch (Amherst Location) & because of my schedule, I grab lunch there like 3 times a week.

Where do you like to grab a drink and hang out with friends?

Kev Diddy: You will always find me on Chippewa… I can’t really do the “local bar” thing just yet.  Local bars are fun when friends from school are in town for the holidays, but other than that, I just love everybody who goes & works downtown.  From Chocolate Bar to PURE to Bada Bing, your sure to find an atmosphere that your comfortable with & a friendly face!

Where would you take a friend from out of town when they’re visiting Buffalo?

Kev Diddy: Has anybody answered this and NOT said chicken wings? HaHa… I’ll say wings as well but I refuse to go with obvious places for em’.   This is Buffalo & there is literally a Pizza & Wings joint every three blocks.  Ninos in West Seneca and Imperial in South Buffalo are two of my favorite & where I grab wings for out-of-towners.

What kinds of food did you grow up with, living in Western New York?

Kev Diddy: Oh man, pizza & wings!  My pops probably brought home pizza & wings at some point from every pizza place south of the Galleria Mall (we’re from West Seneca).  I believe many in WNY are familiar with the following conversation “Hey so and so are gonna’ stop by later” … “Alright do you think a sheet and a bucket are enough?”

Is there anything you wish Buffalo had more of, food wise?

Kev Diddy: Ok I know my last two answers talked about pizza & wings but believe it or not I really try to eat healthy & there are just not enough options around here.  Ever try to grab something quick & healthy during the workday?  Not really possible… Whoever opens the first legit fast & healthy food place will be a legend!


We’d like to thank Kev Diddy for taking some time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions.  You can catch Kev on Kiss 98.5 on Saturdays from 2pm-6pm.  If you like to hit the Chip Strip you can hear him as PURE’s DJ on Saturday nights.  Interested in using Social Media for good and for your business? Read his blog Social Yeah and of course follow him on twitter.

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  • September 27, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    I believe we need more Viking food restaurants in Buffalo. I think there was one in the late 80’s.


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