In case you haven’t read the Buffalo News food blog Hungry For More, my previous post, or caught any of the various ads on Travel Channel (see clip above)… Man Vs. Food will be airing their Niagara Falls episode Wednesday (September 15th).  I was fortunate enough to get an advance showing of the episode Monday night (Thank You Elyse!) and even though I have a slight bias, I think this might be one of his most delicious episodes yet.

Now, originally I thought that Adam was going to be doing a challenge with the Bone In The Stone from Riverstone Girll.  I assumed wrong, but he did stop there to check out their famous menu.  After watching Chef Chaz Bulera describe how the restaurant prepares their steaks (10 day dry age, seasonings) and what they put on top of “The Stone” (creamy blue cheese, crumbly blue cheese and fried onions) my mouth was watering.  The origins of the menu item is pretty interesting too, which leads to steaks being 3 lbs in weight and nearly half a foot thick!  Riverstone Grill has skyrocketed up my “To Do List”.

His next visit is Lewiston’s The Silo, a restaurant that’s actually built into an old Coal Silo.  First glance at their menu and you would assume it’s fairly standard fare for a great summer restaurant.  Like Taffy’s, Teds, and Mississippi Mudds, they have the standard Hamburger/Hot Dogs menu.  But what brought Adam to the Silo was their Haystack.  What appears to be a simple sandwich suddenly becomes ingenious and extra delicious when you throw steak, melted mozzarella and fried hash browns together.

But Adam really brings out his eating skills is when he crosses the border and heads to Niagara Falls, ONT and takes on the Italian Challenge at Mick and Angelo’s.  Now, when I originally read 7 lbs of pasta I was imagining some ridiculous pile on a giant bowl.  But the challenge is actually several plates of everything you can imagine.  It consists of: soup, salad, lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, manicotti, cannelloni, chicken parmigiana, a LOAF of garlic bread and an apple crisp.  The amount of food is staggering and causes Adam to do something I’ve never seen him do before on the show.  He calls his mother.

I obviously can’t tell you the outcome but I strongly urge anyone in Western New York to watch this episode.  These are all restaurants that are really accessible to anyone in the area.  After seeing these culinary specialties, you’ll be making dinner plans shortly after the episode ends.


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