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First things first, if you love Mediterranean/Greek food then you are in luck.  In the upcoming days/weeks there will be a new restaurant opening on Elmwood serving authentic Lebanese cuisineMezza was just featured on Buffalo Rising today and you can read what the Eid brothers (Jonny and PJ) have to say about their expectations and their dedication to bringing a unique cuisine to downtown Buffalo.  I should say that I know these guys and I know their family and I fully trust they will not let Buffalo down.  So as soon as this place opens on Elmwood, check it out!

I also read this article from the NY Times about Buffaloians living in New York City who are trying to still have a piece of home with them.  I loved everything bout this article and can attest to how awesome it was watching the Sabres playoff game at Black Finn.  Being in a different city but watching a Buffalo-area sports team on TV is quite the experience, adding in a 20 dollar open bar/free wings put the experience over the top.  However you will have to try to ignore this quote in the article “Buffalo is the Monte Carlo of Western New York”.  I love Buffalo just as much as anyone else but that is going a bit too far, to say the least.

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