2 Very Cool Things


1. Today is the 75th Birthday of Cole’s, the historic and fantastic Bar/Restaurant on Elmwood Ave.  If you’ve never been to Cole’s you have been really missing out on some wonderful food (as mention by our foodies) and a fantastic beer selection.  Starting at 5pm tonight they will be having drink specials, food specials and even some prizes.  Check out an awesome article about Cole’s from Mary Kunz Goldman of the Buffalo News. (Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing this celebration/article to our attention).

2. If you have been wondering what our friends at True Blue Buffalo have been up to (I do miss their All Access Pass videos), then I have some information for you.  Monday they had a video screening at the Market Arcade Theater for their newest project “Buffalo: You’ll Eat it Up” feature Nelson Starr.  They put together a 6 minute video that showcases some of Buffalo finest foodie stops, you’ll see The Taste of Buffalo, Sea Bar, Schwabl’s amoung others.  It’s incredibly well edited and looks all around fantastic.  They did a great job of creating a pro-Buffalo video that hopefully will do wonders for the tourism industry in Buffalo.  Check out their video below:


2 thoughts on “2 Very Cool Things

  • November 4, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    If you head out to Cole’s for a tasty meal and a brew tonight (which you should!!!) try the Michigan Pumpkin beer they have on tap. It is fantastic, flavorful and literally tastes like a pumpkin pie. To make it even better ask the bartenders to float Guinness on the top. The Guinness smooths out all the spiciness of the pumpkin beer and is one of the best “black and tan” combos I have EVER had!!!

  • November 25, 2009 at 1:53 am

    we call that a blumpkin!!


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