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source: Buffalo Rising
source: Buffalo Rising

This evening I was invited to a special preview night for Local Restaurant Week and I am now more excited for this week then I was before (which I thought was impossible).  From September 21st to 28th over 120 restaurants will be serving dinners and lunches for $20.09 (either individually or for 2).  I can’t emphasize enough how great these deals are for almost every restaurant on the list.  For those of you on a tight budget you can now enjoy a 4 star meal for a 2 star price, what’s not to love?  Click here for the full list of restaurants.

As far as other announcements:

  • We are announcing a new addition to the Buffalo Eats staff, our newest writer Adam Pfleegor. He will be adding some new posts in the not so distant future, he has previous experience in the blogging field and has even had some published work and loves beer and food.  It sounds like a perfect match for Buffalo Eats.
  • October 6th – Founding Fathers Quiz Night, I have still yet to experience the awesomeness of quiz night with owner Michael Driscoll.  Even if you don’t make it in time for the quiz show, you can go to watch and eat some free popcorn and nacho’s.
  • In case you haven’t noticed, we have created a new feature called Buffalo Foodies.  We will continue to contact local personalities so that you can find out where your favorite local writers/radio personalities/musicians eat and learn to be cool like them.
  • October 2nd –  First Dog Fish Head Weekend @ Cole’s on Elmwood.  Go and meet up with the Dogfish Head people and enjoy over 10 different styles of their fantastic brew.  Even for those who are afraid to try anything too “wild” they have some beers for even the timid and for the hardcore their 120 minute IPA is crazy good (potentially will have a write up from Adam about this).

That sums it up, but keep checking the site for more exciting Food Porn’s.  We will be going to Prime 490 and Hutch’s this week and I promise to get those up as soon as possible.

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