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Chae Hawk is an up and coming Hip Hop artist in the Buffalo music scene, here is how his Myspace page describes him:

Hip Hop may be waning in the face of too much emphasis on making a statement, too many imitators and wannabes, too much violence and not enough artistic drive to deliver quality. But don’t count it dead and out. Rather, look today to fresh talent with discipline, determination, sense of self, and commitment to craft. Look to Chae Hawk. Here you’ll find the soul of a poet embraced by the body of a natural-born entertainer.

Through the wonderful social network platform Facebook, I got to ask a couple questions to Chae regarding his thoughts on the Buffalo food scene…here’s what he had to say.

Where is your favorite place to get something to eat?

Chae: I love going to Cole’s for the Wraps. You should be on the look out for Valentina’s South American restaurant located on Hertel that should be coming soon! I also love my Mom’s cooking and Mexican.

Buffalo Eats: Cole’s is located on the Elmwood strip, next door to Mr Goodbar and not too far from Buff State’s campus.

Where is your favorite place to grab a drink?

Chae: Allen Street Hardware Cafe is my favorite bar.

Buffalo Eats: featured on the site for a Food Porn, they are located on Allen St (duh), located near the bend.  On top of being a pretty good restaurant, they are known for having a great selection of imports and micro brews.  Their current beer offering’s can be found here [updated: September 16th, 2009].

Due to Chae’s increasingly busy schedule, this was a shorter then usual Buffalo Foodie segment, but be sure to check back for future Buffalo Foodies and hopefully for another collaboration with Chae Hawk in the not so distant future.  In the mean time go to iTunes and check out his album Nickel City Varsity, or his remixed “Believe Me, I’m Lying” track on the Deluxe Edition of Forever the Sickest Kid’s Underdog Alma Mater.  Keep an eye, and an ear, out for this guy, he’s gonna be big.


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