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Buffalo Eats would love to announce a new feature to the website called Buffalo Foodies.  Our goal is to have a regular posting from one of Buffalo’s well known and interesting personalities and have them share some insight into where they like to eat/drink around our fine city of Buffalo.  Maybe you, the reader, will learn about a new place around town or you have always wondered where Ryan Miller eats (that one probably won’t happen).  We will continue to get as many people as we can to participate and would like to thank in advance anyone who shares their time and thoughts with us.  So onto our first entry:

Greg Bauch is best known for his role as producer for WGR 550‘s evening show Mike Schopp and the Bull Dog, which airs from 3 pm to 7 pm.  He can be heard on air with offering his own opinions, the occasional comedic relief, or during the sports breaks.  On the side, Greg can be seen at various bars/clubs performing his stand up routine with some of Buffalo’s finest comedians.  But probably my favorite work he’s done are his “Greg Buck” segments that air on the Schopp & Bulldog program.

I sent some questions to Greg about his favorite place to get something to eat in Buffalo, what type of food he grew up on, and where he likes to relax and grab a beer.

What types of food did you enjoy while growing up in Buffalo?

Greg: I was raised on Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. We estimated that, through High School, I ate over 10,000 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.  I still enjoy this snack like no other.   Since I am now in charge of the grocery shopping, it has to be Creamy Peanut Butter and Strawberry Preserves….homemade, if possible.

Where do you like to go out to eat? What are some of your favorite dishes to order?

Greg: Since my wife is out to ruin my life, I’m rarely allowed to eat fast food anymore. When I do, the choice is Mighty Taco.  If she’s away, and I’m on my own for a quick dinner, it’s a Mighty pack:  Soft Shell. Mild. Sour Cream. I love Mighty Taco.

When I’m around the downtown area, lunch means a stop at Lexington Co-Op. They have great soups and good coffee.  I like Colter Bay a lot, they have some good Burgers. Coles has a Panini Sandwich with Chicken Tomato, Basil and Olive Oil.

Outside of Downtown Buffalo, there’s a great place for wraps called O-3 on Main street in Williamsville. It’s an organic place, my wife makes me eat organic stuff….but this place makes it worth the drive.

My wife manages a tea house in Wheatfield, the White Linen Tea House (they’re on Facebook).  They have amazing sandwiches…kinda dainty, but very cool for people who are in to that sort of thing.  People rave about it, it’s located on 6661 Shawnee Rd. in Wheatfield…in the Antique co-op.

Where do you like to grab a drink and relax?

Greg: If I’m taking friends for drinks…I like the Shadow Lounge on Hertel. I don’t get too complicated with alcoholic drinks. I like giant beers and most places have those.  Shadow is just a cool place to hang out.

Mode and Nietzche’s are both awesome because they allow us to do Stand-up Comedy.


I would like to thank Greg Bauch for his great response and for being the first (of hopefully many) entries in the new Buffalo Foodies feature.  There are so many great restaurants/bars in Buffalo, and this is our opportunity to find out where our favorite Buffalo personalities like to hang out and what they like to eat.

You can find Greg doing stand up at the above mentioned clubs and other great places around the WNY area.  I would recommend becoming his Myspace friend or Facebook friend to find out where he will be performing (or just so so you can be friends with a really funny guy).

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