Restaurants + Twitter = Food 2.0


Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks on the internet.  How long this medium will last is debate-able but the speed of spreading information is undoubtedly the fastest around.  You can find out what specials a restaurant has for that day or that hour.  You can find out about events, late breaking news, and it can provide for a great two way communication.

Even for Buffalo Eats, I have been very active and have asked questions to you readers and have gotten back some great ideas for new places to visit and menu items to try.  Below are some local food related twitter accounts that I think every Buffalo foodie should follow.  If you guys have any other suggestions to add, please let me know.

Some twitter accounts of your favorite Buffalo restaurants (updated 7/18):

  • @CharlieOBRiens – South Buffalo’s own Charlie O’Briens, known for their Charlie Wings that were reviewed by Nelson Starr on True Blue Buffalo.
  • @MERGEBUFFALO – A newer addition to Downtown Buffalo’s restaurant scene, Merge offers a great menu for vegans and vegetarians.  Definitely an up and coming hipster hang out.
  • @picassospizza – One of Buffalo’s oldest pizzeria’s, Picasso’s Pizza was my favorite to go to when I was a little kid.  They have locations in Williamsville, Depew, Lancaster and West Seneca.
  • @chowchocolatChow Chocolat maybe have the greatest Hot Chocolate I have ever experience, they haven’t posted anything yet.  But give them some more followers and you should see some activity.
  • @podguyPizza Plant’s owner Bob Syracuse has a twitter account that he updates with news about the menu, and suggestions for first time visitors.
  • @flyingbison – Buffalo’s only true brewery, Flying Bison, world of the famous Buffalo Lager and my personal favorites Rusty Chain (Thing Sam Adam’s Boston Lager) and Baron von Bisonfest (the best Oktoberfest I’ve ever had).
  • @WashingtonMkt – The twitter account for The Washington Market.  A great location for breakfast, lunch in the downtown area.  Check their twitter for updates on lunch specials and deals of the week.
  • @BuffaloteasBuffalo Teas is local tea store that has a location Downtown and in Orchard Park, if you love tea this will become your new candy store.
  • @sweet_ness7 – Sweetness 7 cafe is a gorgeous new location on Grant Street, similar to MERGE they are incorporating a lot of local artists to create an awesome hang out.  I still am dying to go there.

Non restaurant related twitters (but still food related)

  • @buffalochow – A great source of information in regards to where to eat in Buffalo, NY.  A more professional style food review web site then Buffalo Eats, that touches on the everything form the franchise chains to the finest dining Buffalo has to offer.  Check their twitter for new reviews and updates.
  • @LocalRestWeek – This year Buffalo Eats took advantage of the Local Restaurant Week several times, being able to eat at restaurants like Black & Blue Steak and Crab and Tempo and not putting 200 dollars on my credit cards, really was a treat.
  • @TrueBlueBuffalo – An up and coming website showcasing Buffalo’s Cuisine and Architecture.
  • @EdibleBuffalo – A great source of food information for the Buffalo community as well as some National food related stories.
  • @buffalobaker – Libby, the head creator of At The Very Yeast and Buffalo Food and Other Delights, this is her personal twitter account.  Both of which are great blogs talking about baking techniques and some amazing Buffalo restaurants, I even learned of new places to go.

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